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Seller Home Consult!

$100 Home Consultation - No Obligation to List. In Today's market, preparing a home to sell is vital to an easy and smooth transaction.  Having a contract get stuck with an insurance quote or appraisal can ruin a deal and leave a Seller with less profit.  Lord and Stanley Realty now offers a "Realtor consult" to help Sellers prepare, repair, stage and sell their home for sale by owner or on their own.

  • CMA with home's market value.
  • What type of Loan will my home qualify for?
  • Seller's Profit sheet with estimated closing costs.
  • Inspect and repair items that will stop an appraisal and inspections.
  • Forms necessary to list.
  • Tips and tricks for staging.
  • How to take best photos.
  • How to negotiate and how to invite buyers.

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