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There is a Major sign Housing Prices will continue to Soar.
Building Cost | $185/Ft. 
New 1800 sqft House Cost | $333,000 (Not including Lot)

This Shows: an 1800 sq ft house costs $330,000 just to build…now how much do you want to pay for a lot?

Lumber and building prices continue to rise with the average cost to build a house at $185/ft according to local Tallahassee builders.  Keep in mind we have a $2 Trillion Infrastructure plan coming up that will continue to put pressure on building supplies.

So What does this Mean?

The average $/Ft in East Tallahassee is $150/ft with lot.  Market values will close the gap to $185/ft as building material costs continue to rise.

What about the Forbearance?
Yes, good question.  It was extended (as we predicted) to the end of 2021.  This “Should” be the last extension and yes, there will be foreclosures back on the market.  However, we expect the infrastructure plan, along with other stimulus packages, to skirt any major housing crisis.

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