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Where is the Tally Housing market headed next? (Lets check the stats.)

  • The average home price is up 24% since March 2020.  Some experts say that is the greatest increase in the median housing market ever recorded.
  • Average interest rate is 2.87% – Rates are scheduled to increase to 3.7% by 2023.
  • 30% of all US dollars printed in last 12 months. – Inflation is obvious with overprinting
Full Story by Fortune on market predictions
Time to Sell is soon! 1% raise in interest rates equates to $30,000 sales price difference on a $300k house.

Interest rates will have to be raised within the next few years, for any chance of the Federal Reserve to keep this “money printing circus” under control.

Lets look at a $300,000 house bought today @ avg rate of 2.87%.
DownPayment, $10k, Monthly Payment $1,785.

Lets look at $300,000 house bought in 1 year @ 3.7%.
DownPayment, $10k, Monthly Payment $1,925.

That ~1% interest rate equates to a different of $1,680 more towards your yearly mortgage.  To match lower interest rate mortgage, buyers will have to buy at $270k to keep the mortgage the same at $1,785.

$300k – $270k = $30k.

Click map for all All 107 New, Coming Soon and Back on Market Listings in Tally.
The Market is HOT, HOT, HOT.  No one is 100% where this road heads.  If you are thinking of selling, may be a good time to take money off the table.


Let me know if I can help you sell for the most money.

Chris Waters